Yanhua ACDP FAQs: Download + Odometer correction + All keys lost + Add keys

Yanhua Mini ACDP Test

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Here, have collected the solutions for problems from YANHUA ACDP users, including odometer correction, all keys lost, add keys and Key Programmer software download etc.

Q: I want to use ACDP to correct mileage for BMW F 35160 WT, do I need to remove IC chip and restore? If it’s CAS4 system, do I need to install filter?

A: Need Simulator to correct mileage for 35160W. For CAS4 system, no need filter, correct mileage with ACDP directly and return to zero.

Q: I used Mini ACDP to read Cas4 EEPROM and it prompted as below. 

A: RES, RES-1 and GNA pins are not good connected, please use test points cleaning probes to clean.

Q: I program key to BMW X1 2012 CAS3 with acdp. It prompts “The device does not obtain authorization of A500 module. The module name is Anti-Theft -BMW cas4 / CAS4 + / no OBD Key match”. Do I need to buy other ACDP modules?
A: No need. Module 1 is ok.
Q: I cannot connect WIFI when I use ACDP Bluetooth, what’s wrong?

A: Delete the underscore in the WIFI name. 5G WIFI cannot support. 

Q: I have a Land rover 2014 with KVM, but my KVM is locked, I need to program a key. Can MINI ACDP support?

A: Yes, ACDP can support.

Q: I want to write Porsche keys with a complete loss. Can I use acdp basic master and Yanhua ACDP module 10 to do?     

A: Yes, module 10 can support add keys and all keys lost.

Q: Can I use Yanhua 35160/35080 Programming Emulator to change km for BMW G Series35160WT?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I bind different mobile phones with MINI ACDP?

A: Yes, you can bind multiple phones, but you can only bind one phone at a time. If you want to bind one phone, you need to unbind the previous one.

Q: How to unbind mobile phone with MINI ACDP? With my original mobile phone or in your background system?

A: Use the original mobile phone by yourself. You also can press SET button on your ACDP master to reset.

Q: Where to download Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer software?  

A: Here is download link: http://iccdp.com/download/page.do

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