2020 Range Rover Program New Key Fob by Mini ACDP

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I have a ranger rover year 2020. I want to program a new key fob using yanhua mini acdp master which I bought at yanhuaacdp.com last month.

Firstly, I need to find kvm module and remove it from my car.
I know the kvm locations are different on different car models.
The kvm in my car is on the right side of the trunk and under the fuse box.
find kvm module

Then I remove it.
Look! This is the kvm module RAF 31.1.
kvm module

Open the shell and remove it.

Then connect kvm module with KVM interface board (mini acdp module 9), and connect to obp+ icp adapter which has been plugged to ACDP master.
yanhua mini acdp

Run Mini ACDP app
Select “LandRover”->“LandRover (2015-)”-> “IMMO”-> “KVM ICP (MC9S12XEQ384)”-> “Add key auto mode”.

Then just follow the software prompts to save the original EEPROM and DFLASH data read from KVM module.
So good!!! I program a new key successfully.

Hope it can help you! Enjoy!

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