How to Solve Mini ACDP Load resource failed on Android Phone?

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Customer problem: I went to use yanhua acdp bmw yesterday on my android phone after using it 4 days ago and got this issue. I tried to uninstall, reinstall, wipe data and cache and also check for updates. But when load it says “Load resource failed!” as shown in the following figure. Any idea?
yanhua acdo load resource failed

The solution offered by engineer:

Try to solve the problem using the methods below.
1.Check the network and use another network with good signal
2.Check if the phone is out of memory. If it is, uninstall the applications you don’t use often. And make sure there is enough space to update Mini ACDP APP.
3.Restart the phone
4.Change another smartphone to try

Hope it helps! If you have the same problem, please give feedback to us after you use the methods above to solve it.

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