Mini ACDP Add key for 2018 Porsche Macan

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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Mini ACDP with module 9 can add new key and do all keys lost for new Porsche year 2010-2018 incl. Cayenne 2011-, Panamera 2010-, Macan 2014- and 911 2011-. It has been confirmed to add new key to 2018 Porsche Macan successfully.

Tools need:
Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche BCM Package
Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche BCM Package

2018 Porsche Macan BCM module
2018 Porsche Macan BCM module

The operation:


Go to Porsche-> New Porsche add key/all lost-> ICP IMMO-> MC9S12XDP512…-> Add key (auto mode)

Pay attention to the following prompts:
1.Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, BCM interface board, BCM module, BAV-KEY adapter and blank key.

2.It is forbidden to cut ACDP power off during the process of adding a key, otherwise adding the key will be error.

3.Please store the original and programmed EEPROM/DFLASH data as prompts

Follow the prompt to operate step by step:
1.Connect ACDP device, OBP+ICP adapter, BCM interface board and BCM module

2.Check the crystal oscillator package of BCM module: EXT1 short-circuited for ceramic packaged crystal oscillator, EXT2 short-circuited for metal packaged crystal oscillator

3.Save the chip data read by the BCM module according to the software tips
Porsche bcm module

The BCM module chip has been encrypted, press “Continue” to next step

Confirm the selected chip model is the same as the actual one

Read PFLASH data and save the related file
save pflash data file

Select a key number which is free status for adding a key
select porsche key number

Store the DFLASH data file after adding a new key
Make sure the IMMO info is correct

Once the key has been added successfully, install the BCM module back to vehicle to confirm that if the new key can be used normally.

Yanhua ACDP Master with Module 10 Porsche BCM [US/UK Ship No Tax]:

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