Yanhua Mini ACDP N20/N55/B48: Integrated Interface Board Connection VS. Universal plug mode

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Yanhua Mini ACDP N20/N55/B48 Integrated Interface Boards are very convenient to use for mini acdp owners. What’s the difference between Integrated Interface Board Connection and Universal plug mode?

Here you go.

Universal plug mode:

For example: N55

Need to plug the wires one by one according to the wiring diagram

Disadvantage: It takes long time and less efficient, and is easy to plug wrong wires

Integrated Interface Board Connection:

Test N55 Integrated Interface Board

Test N20 Integrated Interface Board

Test B48 Integrated Interface Board

Advantage: Easy to use, plug and play, avoid wrong plug and connection! Safe and reliable!

In conclusion:

Compared with Universal plug mode, use yanhua mini acdp Integrated Interface Board to connect with mini acdp programming master is more convenient, save time and money!

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