YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator change mileage for 35128WT

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YH35XX Programmer & Simulator can be used for reading and writing 35128WT. Easy to use, no risk and no red dot on odometer. Here shares how to change mileage for 35128WT with YH35XX Programmer & Simulator.

You need:

1 pc x PC

1 pc x YH35XX Programmer

1pc x YH35XX Simulator


Steps to change mileage with YH35XX Programmer & Simulator

Step 1: Connect YH35XX programmer to PC

Step 2: Read and Write 35128WT EEPROM Data

Step 3: Change 35128WT mileage

Step 1: Connect YH35XX programmer to PC

1.Remove the original 35XX EEPROM from the odometer and solder it to the adaptor board

Then clamp the adaptor board with the solder-free clamp

Make sure the direction of the adaptor board and solder-free clamp is correct

2.Plug the YH35XX programmer into the USB port of the PC

Click “computer” and it will recognize a usb flash drive named 35XX programmer

3.Click U disk 35XXprogrammer

Double-click “BMW_ODO_Standard_edition. exe” to open the software

4.Wait for the prompt: Programmer connect successfully

Then run it

Step 2: Read and Write EEPROM Data

5.Select the EEPROM model and click “Read DATA+ID”

Check whether the read mileage is the same as the actual mileage

6.Click “Save Data File”

Save the original data of original EEPROM to the folder

7.Hold the handle of the simulator

Clamp the Simulator with the solder-free clamp

Note: Pay attention to the direction

Then connect the solder-free clamp to the programmer

Connect the programmer to the PC

8.Select EEPROM model

Click “Load Data File”

Select the corresponding data of original EEPROM and load it

Check whether the displayed mileage is the same as the mileage displayed in odometer

9.Once the mileage is confirmed

Click “Write DATA+ID”

Write the original data into the Simulator

10.Click “Read Data+ID”

Read the data written into the Simulator

And check the mileage

Step 3: Change 35128WT mileage

11.After the mileage is confirmed

Click “Mileage modification” and input the mileage you want

12.After confirm the input mileage is correct

Click “Write DATA+ID” to write the modified data into the Simulator

13.After the data is written

Click “Read DATA+ID” to check whether the mileage modification is correct

14.If the displayed mileage is the same as what you want, cut off the handle of the Simulator, and solder the Simulator to the original EEPROM position. Pay attention to the EEPROM direction. Install the odometer back to the car to verify whether the mileage modification is successful.


Independent programmer with software inside;

Plug the programmer to PC to run the software directly;

Simulator replaces the original 35160WT/35128WT EEPROM;

Easy to use;

No risk;

No red dot on odometer.

Support models:

F classis odometer with 35128WT EEPROM

G classis VDO odometer

Package includes:

1pc x YH35XX Programmer

1pc x Simulator


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