How to Solve Mini ACDP Detect CAS as Abnormal When Adding New Keys

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Customer problem:

I use Mini ACDP to add new key to my BMW car. But the system prompts that the CAS is not normal. I follow the solution suggested to do IMMO. It asks me to put the new key into the steering wheel coil, and press Start button, no need to write back. But when I use VVDI key tool to read the key, it shows the key has been locked and has not been learned. It still cannot start the car.

Solution offered by engineer:

The prompt doesn’t mean error. Just click OK, and operate via OBD or ICP mode.

But it still cannot start the car by ICP, you’d better write the ADD data back to CAS. The data means which is generated in step 2.

Hope it helps you!

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