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Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW Integrated Interface Board Purchasing Advice

Yanhuaacdp.com has released a lot of ACDP BMW Integrated Interface Boards for different DME modules. It makes the job easier, efficient and safe to read/write DME ISN and clone without soldering. Replacing the traditional wiring method, can prevent plugging the wire in the opposite direction and wrong place if you’re not careful. Here have collected the […]

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Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

Yanhua ACDP FAQ:BMW Modules/Bench Interface Boards

Here update the newest frequently asked questions about Mini ACDP incl. ACDP master, BMW modules, bench interface boards, etc. Q: Are there bmw-dem-adapter x2 and x1 for edc17c45 cloning read without open shell? A: Yes. That’s ACDP BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench interface board for BMW diesel engines. Q: I will mainly clone DDE (diesel) units. Can i […]

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Yanhua Mini ACDP Review

YANHUA Mini ACDP Integrated Interface Board: N20/N13, DME N55, B48 DME, FEM BDC Bench

Here, have collected the latest YANHUA ACDP Integrated Interface Boards released on YANHUAACDP.COM, including N20/N13, DME N55, B48 DME, FEM BDC Bench. Learn more details, here you go. All these newest YANHUA ACDP Integrated Interface Boards have common features: Simple operation. Plug to use it directly. Avoid wrong plug and connection. Safe and reliable connection! YANHUA […]

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