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YANHUA Mini ACDP Read Volvo KVM and CEM Password Data

Do you know when to read Volvo data from KVM and CEM by Yanhua Mini ACDP? How to use without soldering? Find the answer below. To program Volvo 5-button or 6-button smart key with Mini ACDP when you want to add new keys or all the keys lost. You have to read CEM and KVM data first. Then […]

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Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO Programming Module 12 for Volvo 2009-2018

Big news!!! Yanhuaacdp has released the latest Mini acdp module 12. This IMMO Programming module can support 5-button remote key add key and all keys lost for Volvo from 2009 to 2018. Here share the details with you. What can Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 12 do? It not only supports 5-button remote key add key and […]

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