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YANHUA Vehicle Power Supply ADC Adapter User Manual

Yanhuaacdp.com has released a new essential tool for outdoor programming. It is called YANHUA Vehicle Power Supply ADC Adapter. What can ACDP Vehicle Power Supply ADC Adapter do? ADC Adapter has excellent quality as you expected, whether you take power from the car cigarette lighter socket or from the car battery, it can be widely used in a […]

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Yanhua Mini ACDP Test

Yanhua ACDP FAQs: Download + Odometer correction + All keys lost + Add keys

Here, have collected the solutions for problems from YANHUA ACDP users, including odometer correction, all keys lost, add keys and Key Programmer software download etc. Q: I want to use ACDP to correct mileage for BMW F 35160 WT, do I need to remove IC chip and restore? If it’s CAS4 system, do I need to install […]

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