Yanhua Digimaster 3 User Manual: Installation, Activation, Update

Yanhua Digimaster 3

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This article is available with Digimaster 3 odometer correction tool user manual including:

Software Installation

-Install D3 tool

-Connect the D3 with PC and internet

-Remote Assistance

-Kernel renovation

Software Activation
Software Upgrade

In detail…

Software Installation

1.Install D3 tool

Step 1: Double-click the installation files in the CD

Step 2: Choose the route of Installation

Step 3: Open the software interface as below after installation

2.Connect the D3 with PC and internet

Step 1: Connect the D3 USB with PC

Click “Cancel” after the window bombed as below

Step 2: Click “OK” to close the bombed warning dialog

Step 3: The following window will appear after successful connecting with device

Step 4: Just reconnect the USB cable if the USB connecting is cut showed as below window

Please kindly notice:

Insert the connector of LAN cable into RJ45 LAN connector of D3 to make online update

3.Remote Assistance

The YANHUA engineers will provide you on-line technology support via internet when you choose long-distance assistance function.

Step 1: Please contact the distributor to obtain an IP before the Remote Assistance

Then connect your Digimaster 3 master with internet

Step 2: Open D3 Tool software to enter “Remote Assistance”

Then select “Require Remote Assistance”

Step 3: Input the obtained IP and click “OK” in the bombed window¡£

4.Kernel renovation

Note: Please don’t try easily because Kernel Renovation being hazardous. Normally it is used on the useless because of the lose of kernel.

Step 1: Click keystoke “8” and “OK” together, then power on

The indication of “Press OK to continue and ESC to cancel” will appear on the screen

Press “OK” into Renovation

Step 2: “Found new hardware” is found in the system when you connect USB cable with the PC

Step 3: Choose “Install software automatically”, Click “next”

Step 4: Running D3 tool software, choose “KERNEL update”

Step 5: Indication “USB connect successfully” will appear as below after the USB is connected

Step 6: Click “KernelUpdate”, choose kernel files, and then click “OK” to start renovation

Step 7: Several minutes is need for kernel renovation.

It is finished when the indication of “USB connect failed” appear.

Software Activation

This guide helps you checking accessories£¬ complete the activation£¬ authorization and updating.


Digimaster-III needs to be activated on line with the Activation code provided by us in the first using.

You can activate and recharge Digimaster-III by the following steps.

Step 1: Power on and connect the D3 with internet.

The unactivated £DD3 show as below

Click “OK” to start activation

Step 2: Input the validation code in the left dialog

Click “next” to download update programme and management programme

Step 3: Activation window will appear after downloading Management programme

Please input your information

Step 4: Enter the activation code and password provided by sales then click “next”


Step 1: Recharge dialog will appear after D3 activation in the first use. If no, click “Payment” in “management center” to start recharging.

Step 2: Input the Recharging code and password provide by the sales

And click “Next”

Step 3: Click “Finish” to finish the recharging after reminding of successful Payment appear

Software Upgrade

Here provides frequent upgrade of software & hardware programme. New vehicle models or amend hole in order to improve the functions of Digimaster-III. Please note the upgrade info in website http://www.autoemaster.com/en/.

Step 1:

Click “Software upgrade” to find new upgrade

Input the Validation code in the dialog to start download and upgrade

Step 2: It will remind you whether you need adapter upgrade after software update

Click “YES” to start adapter upgrade

Click “NO” to next step (No need to upgrade adapter frequently)

Step 3: Enter the verify code and click “Next”

The D3 will restart automatically after software upgrade

That’s all. Hope it helps you.

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