BMW CAS3/CAS3+ All Keys Lost Done with Mini ACDP in 3 Steps

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It’s easy to do CAS3/CAS3+ all keys lost by ISN mode using Mini ACDP BMW and module 1 in 3 steps.

3 Steps for matching CAS3+ key (All keys lost by ISN mode):

Step 1: Read ISN

Note: Different models choose different ways to read, refer to Mini ACDP APP help document for details.

Step 2: Read CAS data

Step 3: Program key


Step 1: Read ISN (no need opening the shell)

Firstly, according to the picture tip to find the DME module in the car and remove it.

Find the CAS3 module in the car and remove it

Then prepare all devices as below:

Yanhua Mini ACDP host

PCAN cable

OBP+ ICP adapter

Next, connect all devices by the following steps.

1.Short the CAN termination resistor on the OBP+ ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-Join” terminal

2.Connect OBP+ ICP and PCAN cable

3.Connect DME module according to the color of PCAN cable

4.Connect OBP+ ICP and ACDP host

Finally, supply power to the Yanhua ACDP host and prepare for APP operation

Open Mini ACDP APP

Click BMW-> DME ISN-> OBD Mode Read/Write ISN-> Read MSV80/MSV801 DME ISN-> START

Pay attention to the prompt and make sure the connection between the device and engine ECU is correct

Check if the VIN has been read out is correct and press “YES” to program ECU

Wait about 40s to read out ISN and VIN

Check them and record ISN manually or clicking “EXPORT”

Save the file and press “OK” to next step

Read ISN successfully

Step 2: Read CAS data+ Step 3: Program key

Open the CAS3 module

Prepare all devices as below:

CAS3 interface board

20 pin cable

OBP+ ICP adapter


Mini ACDP BMW host

Blank key

BAV-Key adapter


Install the copper pillar

Find the location hole D1-D4

Install the interface board

After aligning D1-D4, vertically press down the interface board

Lock the board with copper pillar

Connect the ICP+ OBP adapter, BDM01 adapter, CAS3 interface board and ACDP host

Note: for the specific wiring diagram, please refer to Mini ACDP APP help document for details.

Supply power to Yanhua ACDP and prepare for APP operation


Select BMW-> CAS1~4-> CAS3/CAS3+-> ICP MC9S12XDP512 (Mask 0L15Y/0M23S)-> IMMO

1.Read the CAS data

Read the preparations and note

Pin detection passed

Check the VIN, mileage, mechanical code, frequency and CAS version read out

Backup data

2.Generate Dealer Keys

Select “All-Key-lost (ISN mode)”

Connect the ACDP and BAV adapter according to the diagram and insert a blank key

Check the key ID and status

Select the corresponding CAS data file

Check the VIN of the selected data

Select any blank key number and select option based on the key type

Conform the blank key is put in the adapter

Manually enter or import ISN and check the imported ISN

Save the CAS data and try to start the car with the new key

Finally load the DME module and CAS module and learn the new key


Yanhua ACDP Module 1 CAS Module for BMW CAS1-CAS4+ IMMO Key Programming and Odometer Reset via OBD/ICP with License A500 A510 A515 A516:


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