Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Q1: Can i do key programming on the new KVM of Range Rover by mini acdp as the picture below?

A1: The new type need to change blank chip, and then use Yanhua Mini ACDP software and adapter to write data

Q2: Can i use ACDP to replace BMW DME or CAS3+?

A2: Yes. Select ECU clone and data recovery together.

Q3: I had a dead battery in my car and i think the FRM2 is corrupted. My driver side window  block module and side mirrors stopped working. I want to program BMW FRM 2 Module. Does ACDP support? Which module should i buy?

A3: Yes, you can use Yanhua Mini ACDP + ACDP BMW FRM module (module 8) + BDM01 adapter

Q4: I have VVDI2 with BMW options but it cannot write ISN number to DME or CAS. It can only read. I have Mini cooper with CAS3+ that had bad CAS module. I need to program used donor Cas module. Which modules exactly do I need to buy. I want to be able decode and write ISN from and to DME and CAS.

A4: ACDP+ ACDP ISN module (module 3)+ Bench integrated interface board

Select the bench integrated interface below based on your need:

N20/N13 bench integrated interface

N55 bench integrated interface

B38 bench integrated interface

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