Yanhua Mini ACDP program BMW CAS3 (All keys lost without ISN)

Yanhua Mini ACDP Test

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How to use Mini ACDP to program keys to BMW CAS3 without ISN when all keys lost? Here is the step-by-step guide for Mini ACDP BMW programming master users.

Step 1: Read the CAS data

Step 2: Generate Dealer Keys

In detail…

Step 1: Read the CAS data

Open Mini ACDP Menu

Select BMW-> CAS3/ CAS3+

Select the corresponding option according to the chip model:

ICP MC9S12XDP512 (Mask 0L15Y/ 0M23S) -> IMMO -> Read the CAS data

Preparations and Notes:

Note: If there is C_GND test pin on the interface board, please remove or cut it.

Please follow the wiring diagram to connect the ACDP, BDM adapter and CAS ECU.

Then click OK

Detecting pin, please wait…

Detection results as below, then click OK

Decoding the memory…

Reading memory data…

Confirm the vehicle information and click OK

Note the file save path

Step 2: Generate Dealer Keys

Select Add- key-lost (Try 16 times or 64 times)

Prompt “Connect the ACDP and BAV adapter according to the diagram and insert a blank key”

Then click OK

Reading key info. Please wait…

Confirm the blank key info then click OK

Open the CAS data file saved

Downloading data…

Confirm the vehicle information

Select Key 5

Pay attention to the prompt “Is the current key a keyless Go? ”

Click Remote Key

Prompt “Current CAS version type is CAS3+ ISTAP4* version. It takes up to trying 64 times to generate the key. Please enter the number of current trying time.

Then click OK

[Note: CAS3+ version requires a maximum of 16 attempts

CAS3++ version requires a maximum of 64 attempts]

Generate the dealer key…

Pay attention to the vehicle info. – Please save the CAS data. This data contain info of programmed key and new key. Then click OK

[Note: CAS3+ version needs to rewrite the newly generated data.

CAS3++ version is not needed.]

Uploading data…

Confirm the file save path and click OK

According to the prompt to do all-lost try

[Note: Load the CAS module into the vehicle, use the newly generated key, try to start the vehicle, and select “YES” or “NO” according to the result. CAS module only needs to be loaded once.]

Keep trying until you can start the car

Program key succeed

Done! So good!

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