Mini ACDP Read MSV80 ISN “CAN Communication Error” Solution

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Customer problem: I use Mini ACDP basic version and BMW ISN module 3 to read and write MSV80, MSD80 and MSD81. When I test them via ICP mode, it always prompts “CAN communication error! Please check whether the connection between CAN BUS and ACDP interface is reliable.” Do I need to buy an extra MSV80 ISN integrated interface board? engineer replied:

For reading ISN, use PCAN cable is enough, no need integrated interface board.


Connect ACDP master to DME module via PCAN cable

Select “DME ISN”-> “OBD/CAN Mode Read/Write ISN”-> “MSV80/MSV801 DME ISN” and other corresponding modules to operate

For writing ISN, you need to use MSV80 ISN integrated interface board.


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