Single Probe Solderless Connector Read ISN/ Change ECU without Soldering

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Recently, releases a new probe -Single probe solderless connector. What can it do? What’s the advantage of it? How to use? Check the details below.

1.What can Single Probe Solderless Connector do?

It is used to connect the BOOT point without soldering when open DME shell to read ISN code or change second-hand ECU. It’s suitable for all the devices in the market such as Yanhua mini ACDP and others.

2.Single Probe Solderless Connector Advantages:

-Excellent versatility:

Compared with the traditional ECU worktable, it is compact in size, easy to carry, has multiple fixing modes, more suitable for outdoor or indoor work;

-Simple and high efficiency operation:

The connection can be simple completed by pulling and pressing.

-Modular design:

It can free switch among single point connection, multi-point connection and combination connection.

3.How to use Single Probe Solderless Connector?

Step 1: Fix the clip

Method 1: Clamp the edge of the table

Method 2: Clamp the flat without components area of ECU PCB board edge

Method 3: Clamp the ECU socket

Step 2: Fix and straighten the flexible arm

-Tighten the screw to fix the flexible arm

-Straighten the flexible arm

Step 3: Aligh and prick the probe at the test point

Use the PCB probe board to align the through-hole test point or solder pad test point

Step 4: Press the PCB probe board with flexible arm

Note: the angle between the flexible arm and the PCB probe board should be kept at 90

-Press download the flexible arm

-Adjust the angle of the flexible arm so that the probe has a certain compression

Step 5: Check the contact point and the probe compression

Adjust the inclination of flexible arm according to the length of the probe compression

4.Single Probe Solderless Connector Configuration List

Item No. Adapters/ Parts IMG Adapters/Parts Functions Quantity
1 Fixing clip of single flexible arm Applicable to fix the solderless connector 1
2 PCB probe board Applicable to connect the flexible clip of flexible arm and metal ball 1
3 Flexible arm Applicable to connect the flexible arm and probe 1
4 Metal ball Applicable to connect the flexible arm 1
5 Probe pack Applicable to connect different types of test point 3


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