SOLVED! Digimaster 3 Disk Space is Not Enough Or Cannot Copy File Error

Yanhua Digimaster 3

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Customer problem: I get trouble in using digimaster 3, an error message pops up to prompts me that the disk space is not enough, needs to delete other files. The pictures are shown as below.

Solution offered by engineer:

Please follow the instructions below to operate step by step.

Step 1:|Turn off Digimaster 3 and turn on again.

When you enter Digimaster 3 system, there will be a notice asking to download management program or black screen.

Please ignore and press “keyboard” + “E” to enter resource manager.

Step 2: Find “NandFlash” icon -> double click “NandFlash”-> delete “YHTech” file folder.

If the file folder cannot be deleted, please restart and try again.

Step 3: After you delete the file, copy the necessary “YHTech” file folder and “NK_D3.ROM” file to SD card.

Step 4: Press “1” + “Keyboard” and turn on power switch, start to refresh inner core.

Step 5: When inner core refresh is finished, and the Digimaster 3 start icon can be seen, press “F1” and “5” button in turn immediately, copy files from SD card to FLASH.

Step 6: When copy finished, you’ll be able to turn it on successfully.

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