Yanhua Mini ACDP Add New Key to 2012 Land Rover LR4

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I have a Land Rover LR4 2012, and the KVM version is DPLA-14C104-CB. Can I add a new key by ACDP?


Yes, you can do it by Mini ACDP by OBD mode.

An important OBD adapter is needed to use with ACDP master. That is Double CAN Adapter.

What’s Double CAN Adapter?

Double CAN Adapter is for customer who wants to use JLR KVM Module 9 on old Land Rover and Jaguar, or customer whose Double CAN Adapter inside Volvo Module 12 package is missing or broken.


Note: If you have a Yanhua Volvo module 12, you will not need to buy Double CAN Adapter.

How to use Double CAN Adapter with Mini ACDP?

Connect Double CAN Adapter with ACDP

Then connect ACDP to the car via OBD

How to add new keys to Land Rover LR4 by Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Please refer to this article:


Hope it helps you!

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