Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQs: Software, Authorization, Keys Programming, Odometer Correction

Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Here updates the solutions for using Mini ACDP problems from users.

Includes Mini ACDP Software, Authorization, Keys Programming, Odometer Correction etc.

Mini ACDP Software:

Q: I cannot download ACDP software for iOS mobile. It prompts “links expire” on the official website.

A: You can search for “ACDP or Mini ACDP” on APP STORE and download.

Q: Is ACDP software used more stable on mobile than PC?

A: No. You need to bind the mobile phone and connect the same WIFI as your phone on PC, and then unbind mobile, so computer can connect automatically.

Mini ACDP Authorization:

Q: Is the authorization of Volvo still under test? When will it be ready?

A: At present, the semi-intelligent function has passed the full test, and is now testing the full intelligent function. If the test passes, it will be mass produced, which is expected to be around June.

Keys Programming:

Q: If I use ACDP, will I need to remove the ST95256 from FEM?

A: No, there is no need to weld in the whole process with ACDP.

Q: Can I use ACDP to program keys to CAS3++? I have not seen it from vehicle list before.

A: Yes, you can do it by choosing CAS3+.

Q: I only want to do BMW CAS4, CAS4+, FEM and Porsche, JLR keys programming and MQB all keys lost. Which module do I need to use with mini acdp?

A: Suggest you to use ACDP with module 1/2, module 10, module 9 and module 6.

Q: I want to program keys to BMW Mini CAS and FEM (all keys lost) and repair electronic. Which module with ACDP will I need to buy?

A: You can buy Mini ACDP basic master with module 1/2/3.

Q: Can I program remote mini cooper with ACDP? Need to remove or via OBD with module 1?

A: Yes, you can.

For CAS3, just need to via OBD. For CAS3+, it is recommended to remove it and use the interface board.

Q: I would like to refit evoque 2016 with activity key and KVM is fk72, acdp supports this? How to refit?

A: Yes, acdp supports. You can do follow the steps below.

VM only has this model as the following picture

Click on “Help” and you can see there are eight KVM operating pictures

KVM module disassembly display

KVM Chip model diagram

Odometer Correction: 

Q: To correct odometer on BMW E93 2011 and all CAS3+, just need ACDP with module 1?

A: Yes, use ACDP with module 1 is ok.

VIN change:

Q: Can ACDP support changing VIN in modules in BMW F10? Which

ACDP module is needed to use together?

A: If F10 belongs to CAS4 or CAS 4+, you can change VIN successfully with ACDP basic master and module 1.

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