Yanhua Mini ACDP Program FEM/BDC, Any Good?

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Mini ACDP with BMW FEM/BDC module can support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming by ICP or OBP mode. Compared with the traditional wiring mode, what’s the difference between them?

Method 1: FEM/BDC programming by other devices via soldering

When use this method, it needs 2 times to disassemble and solder the 95128/95256 chip of FEM/BDC to read and write data.


1.Soldering wire is needed, the operation is complicated and the time is long.

2.95128/95256 memory chip of FEM/BDC needs to be dismantled and welded twice, and there is a risk of module damage.

3.Manual welding reading and writing data is not reliable, once virtual welding, there is a risk of data loss.

Method 2: FEM/BDC programming by Yanhua Mini ACDP without soldering

Tools need:

ACDP basic version + Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC module (module 2) + ACDP Puncture Socket

Wiring diagram:

Newest BMW FEM/BDC module


New Yanhua Mini ACDP puncture socket



1.It’s easier and more effective to use by professional ACDP puncture socket instead of the traditional welding mode.

2.No need soldering! No need to dismantle 95128/95256 memory chip of FEM/BDC to read and write data! No risk to damage BMW IMMO.

3.Pin intelligent detection. It’s more safe and reliable to read and write data.

Hope it helps!

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