Yanhua Mini ACDP Update: Add BMW ECU Clone Function No Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Update

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This article comes with the newly update function notice and usage about Mini ACDP.

Part 1: Yanhua Mini ACDP newly update function

ACDP added BMW ECU clone function:

– Support BMW N13, N20, N63, S63, N55, B38 DME,etc. Read and write DFLAH and PFLASH to achieve DME cloning.
– Read and write data without opening the DME shell and punching.
– More types of ECUs are increasing…

Advantages: No Soldering, No Risk! No removing DME shell anymore! No need to drill the hole!

Part 2: Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ECU clone usage

All need:

Mini ACDP programming master basic version

BMW ECU clone module with software license


The corresponding DME interface board


Main steps:

Step 1: Connect all the devices well

Step 2: Enter Mini ACDP APP”

Click “BMW”-> “ECU Clone”

Step 3: Select the corresponding DME type and function

Then follow the prompts on the screen to operate

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master Basic Version:


Yanhua Mini ACDP Master for BMW Module Programming ECU Clone: http://www.yanhuaacdp.com/wholesale/yanhua-acdp-for-bmw-ecu-clone.html

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