BMW 2015-2020 Odometer Correction by Mini ACDP

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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Question: I want to adjust mileage on BMW 2015-2020. Which ACDP modules should I use with Mini ACDP? How to use?


For CAS1~4+ module, please use ACDP main unit+ ACDP module 1

For FEM/BDC module, please use ACDP main unit+ ACDP module 2

For BMW 35080 35160DO WT EEPROM, please use ACDP main unit+ ACDP module 4

For the newest BMW chip 35128WT and 35160WT, please use YH 35XX Programmer + Simulator. No need to use ACDP.

Guide to reset mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM:
Step 1: Remove the corresponding module from the BMW car

Step 2: Connect ACDP,  OBP+ICP adapter, BMW module and the correspoding ACDP module
Step 3: Enter Mini ACDP APP
Select “BMW”-> Select the corresponding module (FEM/BDC or CAS1~4 or M35XX)
Step 4: Backup the original data
Step 5: Input the mileage to reset you desire
Step 6: Change mileage

Reference: How to Reset Mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM by Yanhua ACDP

Guide to change mileage for BMW 35128WT/ 35160WT:
Step 1:Dismantle the original 35XX EEPROM from the odometer and solder it to the adaptor board

Step 2: Plug the YH35XX programmer into the USB port of the PC

Step 3: Read and Write 35128WT/ 35160WT EEPROM Data
Step 4: Change 35128WT/35160WT mileage

Read YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator change mileage for 35128WT to learn more operation details.

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