How to Choose Mini ACDP MB-DME-Adapter to Clone Benz DME

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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ACDP module 15 comes with 8 kinds of different MB-DME-Adapter interface boards for cloning different Mercedes-Benz DME models. Use the corresponding interface board to work with Mini ACDP can replace the traditional plugging wire. It can prevent plug wire in the opposite direction and wrong place. Very simple and efficient! So how to choose the corresponding interface board? Go ahead to read this post.

MB-DME-Adapter Interface Boards Instruction:

Item No. ACDP Module 15 IMG Function
1 MB-DME-ADAPTER X1 interface board MB-DME-ADAPTER X1 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz 152/157/274/276/278(MED17.7.3), 272/276(MED17.7.3.1),276/278(MED17.7.1), etc
2 MB-DME-ADAPTER X2 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz 133/270/274(MED17.7.2), etc
3 MB-DME-ADAPTER X3 interface board MB-DME-ADAPTER X3 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz 260/264(MED17.7.7), etc
4 MB-DME-ADAPTER X4 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicle 642(EDC17CP01), 642/651(EDC17CP46), 626/622/651(EDC17C66), 651/642(EDC17CP57), 651/642(EDC17CP10), etc
5 MB-DME-ADAPTER X5 interface board  Clone Mercedes-Benz 272/279(ME17.7), etc
6 MB-DME-ADAPTER X6 interface board MB-DME-ADAPTER X6 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicle 642/654(MD1CP001), etc
7 MB-DME-ADAPTER X7 interface board MB-DME-ADAPTER X7 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz 177/178(MED17.7.5), etc
8 MB-DME-ADAPTER X8 interface board Clone Mercedes-Benz GLS/GT(MG1CP002), etc

MB-DME-ADAPTER with ACDP Connection Diagram:


Mini ACDP with Module 15 Clone Benz DME Guide:
1.Connect ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, MB-DME-Adapter interface board and DME module
2.Select [Benz]-> [DME Clone]-> the corresponding DME model
3.Full backup data
4.Full write data

Yanhua ACDP Mercedes Benz DME Clone Module 15:

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