How to Get ISN Code from CAS Module to Engine ECU by Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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Customer problem: I need to change the engine ecu. The engine num is n45b16a. I need to syn CAS module with engine ecu, and get ISN code from cas module to engine ecu. How to proceed with mini acdp? engineer replied:
You should use Yanhua X8 Bench Interface Board to work with ACDP BMW.
Please follow the steps below to operate.
Step 1: Prepare ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, BMW DME Adapter X8 Bench Interface Board and DME

Step 2: Plug the interface board correctly to the DME

Step 3: Connect ACDP and OBP+ ICP adapter, and then connect to X8 interface board via 8P cable

Step 4: Enter Mini ACDP APP
Select BMW-> DME ISN-> BENCH Mode Read/Write DME ISN-> Exx-> N45 (ME1721)

Hope it helps you! If you have the related Mini ACDP problems, please feel free to contact us.

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