Mini ACDP BMW Read MSV90 Version Info Error Solution

Yanhua Mini ACDP Test

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I want to read my dme msv90 ISN by mini acdp. I have got the MSV90 ISN reading authorization, then connect OBP+ ICP adapter with msv90 by a wiring harness, and connect to acdp basic master, then read isn using “OBD Read MSV90 DME ISN (Supports F chassis)” function, but I receive the prompt “Reading version info error”. See images attached and help me.

Yanhuaacdp engineer replied:
You don’t need to dismantle MSV90 DME, just plug ACDP device to the OBDII port of your car.
Then select “OBD Read MSV90 DME ISN (Supports F Chassis)” option to read ISN.

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