Mini ACDP Read and Write MSD80/MSD81 ISN Without Soldering

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With ACDP MSD80/MSD81 ISN interface board, it’s efficient and safe to use Mini ACDP to read MSD80/MSD81 ISN and PSW without dismantling DME, also read and write BMW MSD80/MSD81 ISN without soldering.

How to use Mini ACDP MSD80/MSD81 ISN Interface Board?
Connect ACDP programmer, ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, MSD80/MSD81 interface board and DME
Plug interface board to DME module
Then use the 8P cable to connect OBP+ICP adapter and interface board
Open Mini ACDP APP
Select “BMW”-> “DME ISN”-> “Bench Mode Read/Write DME”
Select the corresponding interface board
Then click “Help” to check the related operation steps

Read MSD80/MSD81 ISN and PSW
1).MSD80 connection diagram without dismantling DME
msd80 without dme

2).MSD81 Connection diagram without dismantling DME

3).Read MSD/MSD811 ISN & PSW Interface display
read msd811 isn

Read and write ISN of MSD80/MSD81
1). MSD80 connection diagram without soldering

2). MSD81 connection diagram without soldering

3). Read and write ISN of MSD80/MSD81
read and write isn

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