Yanhua ACDP FAQ:BMW Modules/Bench Interface Boards

Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Here update the newest frequently asked questions about Mini ACDP incl. ACDP master, BMW modules, bench interface boards, etc.

Q: Are there bmw-dem-adapter x2 and x1 for edc17c45 cloning read without open shell?
A: Yes. That’s ACDP BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench interface board for BMW diesel engines.

Q: I will mainly clone DDE (diesel) units. Can i clone every E series DDE? What about F- series?
A: You can do that by ACDP BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench Interface Board and ECU clone software license.

Q: I want to flash mileage in bmw 35160WT eeprom. What modules should I buy to work with Mini ACDP?
A: For this function, you need to use ACDP master+ module 1/2/4+ YH35XX programmer & simulator. Module 1 and module 2 are used to reset the mileage data of BMW CAS/FEM/BDC IMMO box.

Q: Can Yanhua YH35XX Programmer + Simulator erase BMW from 2016 has chip eeprom 35160 and 35128?
A: The aim of the simulator is to replace original BMW 35160WT and 35128 VDO chips.

Q: Can I use ACDP and module 4 to adjust mileage on 2017 F20 VDO KOMBI WITH M35128WT?
A: It needs YH35128+YH35XX programmer.

Q: How to make key by ACDP master and module 1 for 2006 bmw 650i CAS 2?
A: Via OBD is ok.

Q: i want to write data to renew cas2. can i solder directly to the board since i don’t have adapter?
A: If operate on the car, you can read CAS2 data via OBD. If operate for the CAS2 which has been removed from the vehicle, you’d better use CAS2 interface board (module 1) so that can read data. The BDM-ICP cable comes with module 1 can read CAS1 and CAS2, and then renew.

Q: Do ACDP and module 2 support all BMW F series cars?
A: Yanhua module 1 is needed as well. CAS model is included in F series. If do all keys lost, you need to use ACDP master+ module 1/2/3.

Q: What modules should I buy for programming keys to bmw e60 530d with blade key and x1 E87 without blade key?
A: Yanhua Mini ACDP+ modue1 + module3+ bench interface (N20/13/55…)

Q: Can ACDP footwell module (module 8) reset E90 0l15y? The interface cannot connect.
A: 0L15Y chip only can read and write data, cannot repair automatically. You’d better write data to code.

Q: Can ACDP module 8 repair BMW FRM?
A: Yes, it can repair BME 5 chassis.

Q: I want to reprogram new flash into kvm module of 2019 range rover sport. Does ACDP master and module 9 support?
A: They only can support read and write KVM module IMMO data for Land Rover from 2015-2018. The year after 2019 cannot be supported so far. If there is an original key, please tell if whether it can match new key by original one. All keys lost and new key programming are supported.

Q: Can yanhua module 13 read EEPROM and flash?
A: Yes.

Q: Copy second hand DME/DDE, and EGS both E- and F- series, all common engine and gearbox modules. Is it ok to use ACDP master, module 3 and module 11?
A: The bench interface board is also needed. B48/58 interface board can change engine.

Q: Will ACDP change VIN for Range Rover?
A: No.

Q: Does ACDP support programming BMW F series all keys lost offline and online?
A: ACDP needs to connect network, so it only supports online programming.

Q: It always prompts “Resource update” when open ACDP every time.

A: It’s a notice to tell users the software has updated. Just click “Close” directly.

Q: What modules need to do use with ACDP to clone DME and read ISN in BMW all E/F/G chassis?

A: If just clone BMW engine, please use ACDP master+ ECU clone module+ Bench interface board+ B48/58 interface board.

Q: Can mini ACDP change VIN for 2019 Minicooper ecu?
A: Yes.

Q: I lost all the keys of my 2018 jaguar f pace. Can I use ACDP to program keys?
A: Yes. The operation guide of all keys lost is same as add new key.

Q: How does acdp fem make the key? Does it copy the signal to put into the new key?
A: The new key added can synchronize the vehicle data to the key.

Q: I want to do key learning for 2015 Bmw i8 with bdc module after pretreatment, but it prompt failed to do it after some minutes.

A: Maybe the key is not put well, please program key again.

Q: Can ACDP also read and write the ecu with a custom tuned ecu flash file? or is it only for backup and clone of original oem files?
A: It can’t write for the customized, if you want to do that, you only can write after calculating and verifying.

Q: I click “Read mileage” to test CAS2 BMW E60 by ACDP, a message prompts that the device has been lost and the operation failed. I chseck the device and wifi are ok.

A: Please reinstall CAS2 interface board, and read mileage again.

Q: Can ACDP do mileage adjustment for BMW 2018, 3 series dashboard and FEM/BDC?
A: Yes, you should need Mini ACDP main unit+ module 2+ module 4

Q: Which year does ACDP module 9 support?
A: Year from 2015 to 2018.

Q: Which module should I buy with ACDP to do count the control sum and chip tuning 6hp box?
A: Mini ACDP with module 11.

Q: Does ACDP module 11 read and write BMW 6HP?
A: Yes. It supports BMW E chassis 8HP, F and G chassis 6HP & 8HP.

Q: Which license should I buy? I got an error “The device does not obtain authorization of A600 module. The module name is A600.

A: ACDP module 13.

Q: Can ACDP module 13 clone second-hand Gearbox?
A: Yes, it can clone gearbox of VW and Audi.

Q: Will ACDP module 15 clone second-hand Gearbox and remove IMMO? Component protection?
A: It only supports Mercedes- Benz DME clone, doesn’t support deleting IMMO.

Q: Does ACDP count the checksum of the edited file? Which I would like to upload? First I want to read the 6hp driver, then edit the file and load it back to the box controller.
A: Mini ACDP programmer doesn’t support checksum, only supports data refreshing and data reading and writing.

Q: Will Yanhua ACDP BMW module do cas 1 2 3 4 all without soldering?
A: Yes, all functions are supported by ACDP no need soldering.

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