Which Mini ACDP Modules Should I Buy for BMW E/F/G Series?

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Hi! I would like to buy some good Mini ACDP products to make dealer keys for BMW E/F/G series, and also do all keys lost and unlock 8HP transmission. Just for BMW. Do you have any idea for me?

Here is the suggestion from yanhuaacdp.com engineer.

You might consider buying the following goods:

1.Basic module
2.Module 1
3.Module 2
4.Module 3
5.Module 11
6.Interface board required by BMW to read ISN code and ECU clone
7.Software licensing

Why do you need to buy these good?

Every module has its unique function. Please see the introduction carefully.

Item No. Module Module Name Module ID Function
SK247 Basic module ACDP Programmer A801 Incl. 8- pin IC chip and some CPU data read and write. Support 93 /24/ 25 / 35/ 95 Series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP). This module is a necessary basic configuration for other modules.
SK247-1 Module 1 CAS Module A500/ A515/ A516 (1). Support CAS1 – CAS3+ IMMO key programming by OBD or ICP mode, Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
(2).Support CAS4/CAS4+ IMMO key programming in circuit programming (ICP), Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
SK247-2 Module 2 FEM/BDC Module A50A/ A50C Support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming by ICP or OBP mode, Mileage reset, Recover and Backup data.
SK247-3 Module 3 ISN Module A50B/ A50D/ A50E Read/write N20/N55/N13 ISN code via OBD. Read/write MSV80/MSD85 ISN code without opening DME shell. Read/write other DME ISN code by opening DME shell.  (It must be used when all keys are lost.)
SK247-11 Module 11 EGS Module  





(1).Clear ISN of BMW 8HP (F/G Chassis)/6HP (F Chassis) Gearbox
(2).Refresh/replace 6 HP EGS data
(3).Read/ write/ Copy 6HP/8HP EGS data
SK247-F12 Integrated Interface Board Bench N20/N13/N55/B38 Interface board Support full versions of N20/N13/N55.B38 etc. ISN code read and write without soldering
SK247-F3-2 Bench Diesel car X1/X2/X3 Interface board Support E chassis N47/N57, F chassis B37/B47/N47/N57 and I chassis BMSX (ME172) DME ISN read/write and clone without soldering. (It includes free license for BMW B37/B47/N47/N57 ISN read and write, need to buy BMW ECU clone license if you want.)
SK247-X5 Bench Diesel car X5/X7 Interface board Support BMW E chassis N47 (EDC17C06)/N57 (EDC17CP09) and F chassis N57 (EDC17CP09) diesel DME ISN read/write and clone without soldering.  (It has included the corresponding free license.)
SK247-X4 Bench Petrol car X4/X8 Interface board Support MINI R chassis N12 (MEV172)/N14 (MED172)/E chassis N45 (ME1721)/N46 (MEV1721) DME ISN read/write and clone without soldering. (It has included the corresponding free license.)
SK247-F3-1 B48/B58 Interface board Support all F/G chassis versions and all B48/B58 DME which chip module is SPC5777/TC298TP read and clone without soldering. (It only includes ISN read free license, and you need to buy ECU clone license if need.)
SK247-F9 MSV80 Interface board Support MSV80 read/ write without wiring and soldering
SK247-F3S Software licensing MSV90/B48 OBD read the ISN code Works with  DME B48 Integrated Interface Board to read MSV90/B48  ISN code from DME
XNR-SK247-11S BMW E chassis 8HP EGS ISN clear Works with ACDP Module 11 to clear BMW E Chassis 8HP ISN

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