Yanhua 35XX Emulator for 35128WT/35160WT Read and Write Purchasing Advice

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Yanhuaacdp.com will release a new Yanhua 35XX Emulator (compatible version) for 35128WT/35160WT read and write. It supports the same function as item No.SM59-S. The main difference is that it’s bigger and easier to solder.

This is new Yanhua 35XX simulator.
Size: bigger than the original 35128WT chip
Yanhua 35XX Emulator

Welding drawing:

This is old Yanhua 35XX Emulator.
Size: same as the original 35128WT chip
Original 35128WT chip

Welding drawing:
Welding drawing

Attach the welding drawing of original 35128WT chip for comparison.
Original 35128WT

So, how do choose these two kinds of Yanhua 35XX simulators?
1.The new 35xx emulator is compatible version. It can be used to replace 35160WT chip.
If you are not good at welding or there is no requirement for the welding effect, you’d better choose new 35xx emulator.
2.If your car is new model with G chassis, recommend choosing the old Yanhua 35XX simulator.

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