MINI ACDP BMW “Verify Bin file MD5 failed” on BMW F11 520D 2012 Solution

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Customer Problem:
Have a mini acdp bmw, and I want to add a new key to my bmw f11 520d 2012. But there is something errors appear during the operation. It prompts “No original key found” “No new key found”. I try to connect via Bluetooth and wifi separately, but also get the error prompt “Verify Bin file MD5 failed”. I don’t know how to solve it. engineer replied:
The reason for “Verify Bin file MD5 failed” is that the telephone signal is not good.
Please check the Yanhua ACDP master by the following method:
Select “Special” -> “ACDP Check”-> “Device IO self-check”

Customer’s feedback:
This is the result after self-check. engineer replied again:
The result means the Yanhua ACDP device is normal, you’d better use another smartphone to try to add new key.

If you have the same problem above, try to check your device with “Device IO self-check” function firstly. If the result shows all options are OK, please change another smartphone to work with your ACDP again.
Or try to uninstall the ACDP APP and install again.
Reference: How to Solve ACDP Program BMW CAS2 “Verify Bin file MD5 failed” Error

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