YANHUA BMW DME Adapter X5/X7 Interface Board User Manual

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BMW X5/X7 DME Adapter is a new bench interface board of Yanhua brand to read/write ISN and clone BMW E/F series Diesel DME without soldering. It is much more convenient than the traditional plugging wire method.

Yanhua ACDP BMW X5/X7 Diesel DME Bench Interface Board Outlook:



Which car models can work with BMW X5/X7 Interface Board?

BMW X5/X7 adapter supports reading/writing ISN and cloning for the following Diesel DME types:

– BMW E chassis N47 (EDC17C06)

– BMW E chassis N57 (EDC17CP09), F chassis N57 (EDC17CP09)

What’s the advantage of BMW X5/X7 Interface Board?

-No need to open DME shell

-No need to drill hole on DME

-No need to plug wire

Compared with the traditional plugging wire method, it can prevent plug wire to opposite direction and wrong place. Make the operation simpler and more efficient. Once plug and can play directly. It’s much safer and more reliable.

How to use BMW X5/X7 Interface Board?

Connect Mini ACDP programming master and OBP+ICP adapter

Plug BMW X5/X7 Interface Board to DME module

Then use the 8P cable to connect OBP+ICP adapter and BMW X5/X7 adapter

BMW-DME-Adapter X5 connection:

Read/write ISN interface display

BMW-DME-Adapter X7 connection:

Read/write ISN interface display

Where to buy YANHUA BMW DME Adapter X5/X7 Interface Board?

Here you can go: https://www.yanhuaacdp.com/wholesale/bmw-x5-x7-bench-interface-board.html


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