YANHUA BMW X4/X8 Bench Interface Board Read/Write ISN Without Soldering

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Are you worried about that plug wire to opposite direction or wrong place when read or write BMW DME ISN? Now there is good method to avoid this problem.

Yanhua BMW X4/X8 Bench Interface Board is designed to read & write ISN and clone for the following BMW DME modules replace the traditional plugging wire method.

-BMW MINI R chassis N12 (MEV172)/ N14 (MED172)

-BMW E chassis N45 (ME1721)/ N46 (MEV1721)

BMW X4/X8 Interface Board advantages:

-No need to open DME shell

-No need to drill hole on DME

-No need to plug wire

-Plug and play

-Simple and efficient

-Safe and reliable

How to use BMW X4/X8 Bench Interface Board?

Connect Mini ACDP programming master and OBP+ICP adapter

Plug BMW X4/X8 Interface Board to DME module

Then use the 8P cable to connect OBP+ICP adapter and BMW X4/X8 adapter

BMW-DME-Adapter X4 Outlook

BMW-DME-Adapter X4 connection:

Read/write ISN interface

BMW-DME-Adapter X8 Outlook

BMW-DME-Adapter X8 connection:

Read/write ISN interface

Available link to get YANHUA BMW X4/X8 Bench Interface Board:


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If you want to read/write ISN and clone for BMW E chassis N47 (EDC17C06), E chassis N57 (EDC17CP09) and F chassis N57 (EDC17CP09) without soldering, BMW X5/X7 Bench interface board is the best choice.


If you want to read /write ISN and clone for BMW E chassis N47/N57, F chassis B37/B47/N47/N57 and I chassis BMSX (ME172) without welding, you can choose ACDP BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench Interface Board.


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