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Here, have collected the solutions for odometer correction problems from Digimaster 3 users.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support 2017 GMC Sierra? I cannot see it in the vehicle list. Where to find?

A: Yes, digimaster 3 supports. Follow the pictures below and then you can see this vehicle model.

Q: I didn’t see the 2009 Nissan Altima and 2017 Nissan Rogue in the vehicle list. Can Digimaster III support them?  

A: Digimaster III can support normally. You can disassemble the motormeter and find the octave chip to read data. No need to choose based on the vehicle model, only choose the motormeter model. The 93c66 eeprom closest to the edge of the circuit board is the chip that stores mileage data.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support Toyota Prius 2017

A: Yes, it supports.

Q: Can digimaster 3 do all work of cdgi for bmw?

A: Yes, digimaster 3 contains the functions of CGDI. It can do all BMW keys except FEM and BDC.

Q: Can Digimaster3 support odometer correction for 2009 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI/ 2015 NISSAN NAVARA ST-X MT?

A: Yes, it can support all the old cars normally.

Q: Digimaster3 supports odometer correction for Nissan Navara? Which method? OBD or need to be removed?

A: Yes, it can support. Need to be removed.

Q: Can Digimaster3 support odometer correction for Chinese cars?

A: Of course.

Q: Can digimaster 3 change mileage for 2012 Touran 1l6tdi 105 Chevaux?

A: Yes, it can.

A: Can digimaster 3 correct odometer for these car models: 2015 Alfa 4C, 2015 Alfa Giulietta, 2006 Ferrari 430, 2017 Porsche Macan, 2019 Benz C class and 2010 Maserati Quottropotte?

Q: Except 2017 Porsche Macan and2019 Benz C class, other three car models can be supported by Mini ACDP by dismantling the dashboard (not via OBD).

Q: Is there wiring diagram in the digimaster 3 for adjusting mileage?

A: Yes, if you don’t find the wiring diagram, the system also will prompt what’s the type of chip, and find the corresponding chip to weld to the OBP board.

Q: I want to update digimaster 3, but i cannot find the driver.

A: It’s no need to update by driver, just connect with network cable.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support mileage adjustment for 2017 Toyota RAV4?

A: Yes, it supports. Please dismantle the automobile dashboard to use. If the chip is 8-pin chip, then weld the 8-pin chip to the OBP adapter. If it is CPU, then weld the wire to read. All the Japanese and Korean cars cannot adjust mileage via OBD mode.

Q: Can digimaster 3 correct mileage for PSA BSI 2013 Peugeot partner?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support mileage adjustment for 2017 Nissan Rogue?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can digimaster 3 support mileage correction on a Hyundai Ix35 2015 with a Fujitsu MB91F047 processor?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Is it possible to use Digimaster 3 to correct odometer for these car models till 2018?  VAG Citroen Peugeot Renault Suzuki fiat open ford en Mercedes?

A: Only can do till 2016.

Q: Can digimaster 3 adjust mileage for Mercedes-benz W166 ML 350 2013, need MB CAN Filter?

A: Yes, it can do this car model via OBD. If cannot, please remove the dashboard from car, then adjust mileage, after that, add Yanhua MB CAN Filter 18 in 1 to reinstall back to car.

Q: Can digimaster3 change kilometers to 2009 Mercedes CLS 320 CDI (facelift model)?

A: Yes, via OBD. Select CLS Class->W219-2011 option to do.

Q: Does it need filter to adjust mileage for Benz w212 by digimaster 3?

A: Yes, it needs. The filter is disposable, and one filter only can be used for one car. You cannot remove it once installed.

Q: I want to correct odometer for 2010-2015 and 2016 Mercedes Vito ezs, does digimaster 3 support this car till 2016?

A: VITO belongs to 9S12, it’s supported by digimaster 3.

Q: Can I adjust mileage for the following cars by digimaster 3? Need filter?

ML164 and ML166 also bmw X5 E70 European and American models.

F 15 American models

A: ML164 and ML166 belong to Benz, can use digimaster 3 via OBD

BMW chassis F15 belongs to FEM, should use ACDP instead of digimaster3

bmw X5 E70 belongs to CAS3, D3 supports

Q: Does Digimaster 3 support 2015BMW X5 odometer correction?

A: No, it belongs to FEM type, digimaster3 doesn’t support. You can use Mini ACDP.

Note: BMW F series have CAS4 and FEM types, if its CAS4, digimaster 3 is ok. If its FEM, Mini ACDP is ok.

Q: Is it possible to reset mileage for 2010 lincoln mkz by digimaster 3?

A: Yes.

Q: Will digimaster 3 correct odometer on a 2007 ssangyong actyon?

A: Yes, the 93C56 chip is supported.

Q: Does Digimaster 3 support 2013 Audi A6 mileage adjustment?

A: Audi A6 till 2012 is supported, but year 2013 is not supported.

Q: Correct odometer for 2002 Audi TT, digimaster 3 can?

A: Yes, select the TT-2009 option and adjust via OBD.

Q: Can Digimaster 3 reset mileage for vw passat 2017 TDi? and 2016?

A: it doesn’t support 2017 passat so far. For year 2016, you should dismantle the dashboard to check CPU model, some are supported.

Q: Can I adjust mileage on my VW Passat 2015 with digimaster3?

A: Yes, via OBD.

Q: Does digimaster 3 adjust mileage for 2008 Nissan Pathfinder via OBD?

A: No, you need to dismantle the dashboard of Nissan

Q: Can Digimaster 3 correct odometer for Infiniti fx50 2009?

-Yes, it can.

Q: MG 6 Tse 2012 model odometer correction, is digimaster 3 ok?

A: Yes, but you should check the chip type. If it’s 35080 chip, you need to adjust via dashboard and BCM.

Q: I use digimaster 3 to adjust mileage for my Honda Odyssey, and it prompts “Write data succeed!” Does it mean correct odometer successfully?

A: Yes.

Q: Does it support durango 2018 odometer correction?

A: desolder dashboard to check chip type, the 8 feet chip is supported.

Q: Digimaster3 adjust mileage on a Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi 2008/09 via OBD?

A: No, Peugeot is not supported via OBD. You need to dismantle dashboard and BSI

Q: 2015 chrysler grand Cherokee mileage adjustment with digimaster3?

A: It needs to dismantle dashboard. 93 series storage chip is ok.

Q: 2013 Prius, 2008 Toyota Tundra, 2016 Nissan Sentra?

A: Yes, digimaster 3 supports.

Q: Does digimaster3 support Toyota RAV4 2018 Fujitsu mb91f060BS cpu odometer correction?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Will digimaster3 adjust mileage on Subaru WRX 2015-2019? And 2020?

A: 2015-2019 is ok, but for year 2020 Subaru, it needs to dismantle dashboard, as long it’s not CPU is ok.

Q: How about Mitsubishi Colt 1.5DID 2007/2008?

A: Yes, Digimaster3 supports.

Q: Mitsubishi 2008 lancer evo mileage adjustment? Digimater 3 can?

A: Yes, it needs to dismantle dashboard and chip.

Q: I have 2019 Ford F250, holden / gmc acadia 2019 model and Ford Fiesta 2018, can digimaster 3 adjust mileage for them?

A: No, these car models should be encrypted CPUs and cannot be supported.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support Ford Mustang 2010-2015 mileage adjustment?

A: Yes.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support 2018 Lexus IS 300?

A: If it’s 93C66 model can be supported, if it’s CPU model cannot be supported.

Q: I want to correct odometer for my Peugeot 306. Do I need adjust both dashboard and BSI?

A: Yes, both need.

Q: I change the mileage of dashboard and BSI to 111588km, but when finish it, sometimes the mileage shows more than it, sometimes shows less. What’s the problem?

A: Change the mileage of BSI to zero and dashboard mileage to the km you desire.

Q: Can Digimaster 3 correct odometer for VW Caddy 2014?

A: Yes, via OBD.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support toyota aqua and axio 2017?

A: Yes.

Q: Which car menu should I use when adjust mileage for lexus by digimaster 3?

A: Check the images.

Q: Will digimaster3 change mileage for 2016 bmw 3 series F20?

A: This is FEM. D3 can adjust dashboard mileage, but doesn’t support FEM. You can add filter and adjust mileage.

Q: Does digimaster3 support fiat ducato 2016?

A: Yes.

Q: Can Digimaster3 change mileage for Fiat panda 2016? Need dismantling?
A: Yes, it needs to dismantle the dashboard to adjust.
These Fiat models can be supported via OBD.

Q: Does digimaster 3 support Lexus GS 450h (2013) and Audi A6 (2012) via OBD?
A: Audi A6 (2012) via OBD is ok, but Lexus GS 450h (2013) cannot.Q: How to use filter to adjust mileage for ML/GL166 and w212 by digimaster 3?

A: Dismantle dashboard chip, adjust the mileage you want, and then plug the filter to the back of dashboard.

Q: When I select Lexus menu, the screen of digimaster 3 turns to white.

A: Please update the software and try again.

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