Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQs Update: Odometer correction, KEY/ EEPROM Programming

Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Here update the latest Yanhua Mini ACDP problems from customers and offer the relevant solutions. Check as below.

Part 1: Odometer correction:

Q1: Can acdp adjust mileage for bmw f series directly by obd?
A1: It cannot, need to dismantle module and read/write data using the interface board.

Q2: Can I change the VIN and mileage information on the second-hand key?

A2: Yanhua ACDP Module 7 is required to refresh the key and then program the key so that the VIN and mileage information of the original key will be gone.

Q3: Can acdp do mileage adjustment for 2015 bmw f10 and mileage information of the car key?

A3: Yes, it can.

Part 2: Key programming:

Q1: Can I use mini acdp to program second-hand bmw 434mhz and 868mhz keys to another car?

A1: The second-hand key needs to be refreshed with the module 7, and then can be programmed for another car.

Q2: Can acdp do key programming for this BMW car key?

A2: Yes.

Part 3: EEPROM Programming:

Q: I changed the bdc eeprom st95256rt of my bmw x1. It cannot do key programming. I forgot to backup eeprom. But I have a same dump, can I use yanhua mini acdp to get isn code from engine, and then change vin code and mileage to reprogram eeprom?

A: Just need to change a 95256 chip and write 95256 data of the same year. Finally program a new key follow the operation guide of doing all keys lost.

Part 4: Other functions:

Q1: I want to change a second-hand automatic transmission for my BMW 523I (F10) 2010. Can I use acdp to initialize?

A1: 8HP can only clear ISN. 6HP can clear ISN and clone.

Q2: Can ACDP do bmw synchronize the DME to the CAS Unit?
A2: It can do for CAS3.

Q3: When the ACDP host is equipped with the module 10 for the Porsche function, do you need to synchronize?

A3: No need!

Q4: Can acdp support clone?

A4: It can read and write some functions of the ECU, such as ISN and VIM code.

Q5: Can I use yanhua mini acdp to fix the fault frm module software?

A5: Yes, you can do it with module 8.

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