Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQs: Wifi connection +BCM read/ write+ Odometer correction

Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Here update the latest Yanhua Mini ACDP problems from customers and offer the relevant solutions. Check as below.

Q1: It failed to connect ACDP with wifi. Which one can I connect?

A1: You don’t need to select anyone wifi name here. Just open Wifi on smart phone, and go to ACDP main menu to operate follow the prompt.

Q2:Does Yanhua Mini ACDP for porsche can write and save dump? Because if module will crash I can write it to another


A2: If the old Porsche BCM module can read data, it can clone. If the old one broken, you can select the relevant option to read and write the data saved into new BCM.

Q3: Hi! I have a problem with a fem reset mileage of 2014 bmw M4. Backup file succeeded, but reset FEM/BDC mileage failed.

A3: The car is the latest BMW version, you need to program it downgrade.

Q4:Can yanhua mini acdp change mileage for 2016 Honda HR-V Honda vezel 2015~ Suzuki hustler?

A4: It can support as long as the CPU of dashboard is MB91.

Q5: I want to do frm programming for my bmw x5 e70 2009. Which yanhua module should I use with?

A5: Yanhua mini acdp with module 1 and module 8

Q6: When I use acdp to flash kvm and program key, it always prompts “Unconnected device, click OK to exit”. It also doesn’t show login page when I enter the device.

A6: it’s not connected well. Just check your device first.

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