Yanhua Mini Acdp Key Programming FAQ

Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ

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Here are some Yanhua mini acdp FAQ from users, including odometer correction, all keys lost, add keys and Key Programmer software download etc.

Q: Can Mini ACDP reset 8hp ISN via OBD port?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to use mini acdp to program key and adjust mileage on 2009 Mini r56 cooper diesel? Which module should I buy?

A: Yes, you should buy ACDP basic master+ module 1+module 4.

Q: Does ACDP support adding new key to BMW 440 year 2019?

A: Yes.

Q: Can yanhua mini acdp clone msd80 to msd81?

A: No, it doesn’t support so far.

Q: Can I program 2000 BMW z3 and a 2006 mini cooper by ACDP?

A: It may have EWS anti-theft system on 2000 Z3.  You’d better send the VIN to dealer to check. If it’s EWS and ACDP cannot support. The 2006 Mini cooper is supported.

Q: I want to clone BMW N20 by ACDP. Should I buy extra module 3?

A: If you only do the clone function, Mini ACDP is enough.

Q: I have a vw passat 2010 dsg 7-speed, the type is dq200. Can I use ACDP and module 3 to clone it?

A: Yes.

Q: Will ACDP with module 13 clone Audi a3 golf 7 DQ 200 MBQ?

A: Yes, just check the ECU model, and no need to check the car year.

Q: Which module can work with mini acdp to program 2014 bmw 535i key fob?

A: This car belongs to CAS4, if you just want to add new key to it, you can use ACDP+ module 1.

If you program it for all keys lost, you’d better use ACDP master+ module 1+module 3+bench interface board.

Q: I bought BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench Interface Board for N47/N57, do I need to buy another X5/X7 Bench Interface Board?

A: The chip models supported are different. You’d better depend on your need.

BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench Interface Board supports BMW E chassis N47/N57, F chassis B37/B47/N47/N57 and I chassis BMSX (ME172) DME ISN read/write and clone.

N47 chip models: N47 (EDC17C06), N47 (EDC17C41), N47 (EDC17C50) and N47 (EDC17CP02)

N57 chip models: N57 (EDC17CP09) and N57 (EDC17CP45)

Note: click the HELP option, you can see the bench interface board which is recommended to use.

BMW X5/X7 Diesel DME bench interface board supports BMW E chassis N47 (EDC17C06), N57(EDC17CP09) and  F chassis N57(EDC17CP09) diesel DME ISN read/write and clone

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