Possible to Read and Write BMW CAS4+ (IN35H) by Mini ACDP?

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Customer problem: I have an original BMW CAS4+ (IN35H) working key, can I read ISN and write new ISN by the working key using Mini ACDP? I don’t seem to be able to write new isn or see the options for this anywhere. Can you help me?

Yanhuaacdp.com engineer replied:

Yes, you can use ACDP to get the ISN by working key. When add new key, the device will prompt you to put the original key, and that means reading ISN.

You can follow the steps below to write new ISN:

Enter Mini ACDP APP

Select ICP mode-> ICP Renew-> 5M48H/1N35H Renew/Coding

Then choose the CAS data you want to change

Good luck!


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