Yanhuaacdp.com 11.11 Sale 2020: Up to Save US$299

Yanhuaacdp.com Global Shopping Festival in 2020 has already come. Annual lowest price is from Nov 9th to Nov 18th.

All promotional devices can be found here.

Hot-selling Yanhua Odometer Correction Tool:
Digimaster 3 No tokens limitation with 200 free tokens (US/UK Ship)

Retail price: US$939.00
11.11 sale price: US$889.00
Discount: 5% off

Hot-selling Mini ACDP programmer with license package:
1.Yanhua Mini ACDP full package with total of 13 modules
yanhua 13 modules

Retail price: US$2,299.00
11.11 sale price: US$2,000.00
Discount: 13% off
Note: except ACDP module 5 and module 6 need to be delivered from China, other devices in this package can be delivered from US/UK with free shipping.

2.Yanhua ACDP BMW full version with module 1/2/3/4/7/8/11 (US/UK Ship)

Retail price: US$1,229.00
11.11 sale price: US$1,099.00
Discount: 11% off

3.Mini ACDP with module 1/2/3 BMW IMMO package (US/UK Ship)
mini acdp module 1/2/3
Retail price: US$859.00
11.11 sale price: US$789.00
Discount: 8% off

4.Mini ACDP with module 9 for 2015-2018 Jaguar Land Rover KVM key programming (US/UK Ship)

Retail price: US$539.00
11.11 sale price: US$519.00
Discount: 4% off

5.Mini ACDP with module 10 for 2010-2018 Porsche key programming (US/UK Ship)

Retail price: US$509.00
11.11 sale price: US$499.00
Discount: 2% off

Yanhuaacdp.com has been working hard to provide all original Yanhua programmers, modules, accessories, etc at the best price with high quality and fast delivery. We also equipped with a lot of staff who have professional technical support and after-sales service.
Our aim is to provide all customers with a good shopping experience.
Enjoy yanhuaacdp.com 11.11 sales now!


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