Quick Guide to Safely Disassemble FEM BDC Module for Key Programming with Mini ACDP

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Yanhua Mini ACDP with ACDP module 2 or Yanhua Mini ACDP FEM BDC Bench Integrated Interface Board works well in BMW FEM/BDC IMMO key programming. It’s required to disassemble the FEM/BDC module from the vehicle before programming. Here will share a method to quickly and safely disassemble it.
Yanhua FEM DiagramYanhua BDC Diagram

Main steps:
The FEM/BDC module is located at the lower part of the A column at the front passenger side.
FEM/BDC module Location

After removing the FEM/BDC module from the vehicle, please use smartphone to take a photo to record the fuse
FEM/BDC module

Pull out the fuse with needle nosed pliers or other tools

When conditions permit, use a hot air gun or air blower to heat the edge of the FEM/BDC module until it is softened

Use a plastic pry bar or other professional tools to disassemble the FEM/BDC nodule from the softened edges

If the edge of the module is not sufficiently softened, you can disassemble the FEM/BDC module while heating for softening.
After the FEM/BDC function operation is completed, reinstall the module
Install the fuse of the FEM/BDC module back against the previously saved picture

Hope it helps!

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