Can BMW 318 ANN 2012 Reset Mileage by Mini ACDP?

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This post will give the answer to the question of the title. Mini ACDP BMW can adjust mileage on 2012 BMW 318 ANN. What device you need to have is Yanhua Mini ACDP+ Module 2+ module 4.

What’s the function of ACDP BMW Module 2?
It can not only support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming and mileage reset but also support FEM/BDC module restore, backup and write anti-theft data at the same time.
With fully automatic mode matching, make the job safe, reliable and fast.

Guide to reset mileage:
ACDP FEM/BDC wiring diagram for FEM module

ACDP FEM/BDC wiring diagram for BDC module

APP operation:
Select BMW-> FEM/BDC-> IMMO/Mileage->Reset mileage

What’s the function of ACDP BMW Module 4?
It can read and write BMW M35080, 35160DO WT etc EEPROM without soldering.
Besides, 35XX module supports the whole series of instrument adjustment of BMW (E/F/G series) and is able to erase/adjust mileage of 080DOWQ/T, 160DOWQ/T and M35128WT EEPROM.

If you want to erase data for BMW M35080, 35160DO WT when eeprom, please choose YH35XX Programmer + Simulator.
YH35XX Programmer

Read this post to check the guide to reset mileage.
How to Solve Mini ACDP 35160WT 160DOWT Mileage Red Dot?

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