Yanhua Mini ACDP Modules for BMW E/F Series 6HP/8HP ISN Clear Guide

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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Which ACDP module should be used with Yanhua Mini ACDP master to clear ISN 6HP and 8HP for BMW E/F series? How to do?

The ACDP module required:

1.Yanhua Mini ACDP Module11:

-Support BMW 8HP (F/G chassis) gearbox refresh
-Support 6HP (F chassis) gearbox refresh and cloning
Support BMW E Chassis 8HP ISN Clear now, you should pay for the A51D License for BMW E Chassis 8HP ISN Clear

E Chassis types incl. RR1/ RR2/ RR3/ E70/ E71/ E72/ E81/ E84/ E87/ E88/ E89/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93, etc.

Note: No need shipping, after your payment, please send the serial number of your acdp master like ACDP-XXXXX to us and we will add the license for you.


2.Yanhua ACDP Module 17:

-Support BMW E Series (GS19D6HP Refresh incl. E60/ E61/ E63/ E64/ E70/ E71/ E72/ E81/ E82/ E83/ E84/ E87/ E88/ E89/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93


Guide to clear/refresh BMW 6HP/8HP ISN:

1.For BMW 6HP transmission

Yanhua Mini ACDP refreshes BMW 6HP transmission


Mini ACDP Big Upgrade: Add BMW E Chassis 8HP EGS ISN Clear

3.For BMW 6HP (GS19D)

Mini ACDP Refresh BMW E Series (GS19D) 6HP EGS ISN on Bench via OBD


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