Mini ACDP BMW Review: Reset Mileage on 2011 BMW 760 CAS4 Successfully

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I received a full set of mini acdp bmw from recently. I used it to reset mileage on my 2011 bmw 760 v12 and it worked perfectly. So I want to share it with you.

This is my car info:
System type: BMW CAS4
ECU type: 5M48H/1N35H
Car year: Made in 2011
Current mileage: 173951 km

What I prepared to reset my bmw cas4 is yanhua mini acdp & acdp module 1 & acdp module 4.

What I did to reset mileage as below:

After connecting acdp with vehicle OBD port, and then go to reset the cas mileage firstly.

I start to run Mini ACDP APP on my HUAWEI android smartphone.

Select BMW-> CAS1~4-> CAS4/CAS4+-> OBD mode-> IMMO/Mileage, and it will load the data.
yanhua obd model

Then press “OBD detect”, and I get the device connection prompt.

Just confirm it and click “OK” to the next step.

Make sure ACDP has been connected to the OBD port of the vehicle.

This is my car system info has been detected out, incl. system/ecu type, car year, current mileage, VIN, SN and so on.
BMW CAS4 system info

Follow the prompt to save screen shot.
After back up the car info, enter “Reset mileage”
Preprocess ECU system and reset mileage. Once it’s done, detect OBD again, the mileage is zero now.
reset mileage suceessfullyBMW CAS4 mileage

After resetting CAS mileage to zero, start to modify 35xx chip mileage
Disassemble the dashboard from car and remove the 35xx chip from the dashboard
Then connect 35xx chip to ACDP module 4

Select M35XX->160DOWQ-> Backup data
acdp bmw backup data

Detect out the pin connection is good, and backup the original mileage.

Select modify mileage and change the mileage to 95678 km
mini acdp bmw change mileage

Great!!! The mileage has been modified successfully! Save the data is ok.

Finally, put the 35xx chip back to dashboard and install back to the car.

That is the whole operation process I did. Sorry for the unclear pictures!!!
I just want to say ACDP is a good choice to do CAS4 system, what you should do is following the correct instruction. Hope this post can help you!

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