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As some customers don’t know how to change CAS3 VIN, DME/EGS ISN, etc data using Mini ACDP, this post will share the guide to help you.

In general, there is no need to change CAS data for regular key programming. It applies to change second-hand engine and gearbox or install to other cars after clearing the ECU /gearbox from original car.

Tools need:
Yanhua Mini ACDP+ CAS module (Module 1)

CAS3 types supported by Mini ACDP:
MC9S12XDP512 (Mask 0L15Y/0M23S)
MC9S12DG256 (Mask 0L01Y)

How to renew data for CAS3 by ACDP?
1.Run Mini ACDP APP
2.Select “BMW”-> “CAS1~4”-> “CAS3/CAS3+”-> “ICP Mode”
bme cas1~4

3.Pick the corresponding EEPROM type to read CAS data

Read the EEPROM of the new CAS module, and copy the read EEPROM file to the following directory of the APP: “:/ATmatch/bmw/CAS3/CAS_Renew”, and then select the EEPROM file for parameter calculation.

4.Then enter “Data Renew” menu, and select the one you want to change CAS data

These CAS data can be modified: VIN, vehicle frequency, DME-ISN or EGS ISN
The device will automatically clear the CAS mileage, modify the loaded data and save it.

6.Write the saved new EEPROM data to the CAS module, then load the CAS module
7.After the module is loaded, if the vehicle cannot be started, or the “Direction lock” is displayed on the meter, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.
8.Use professional equipment to clear the trouble codes of the vehicle.

Note: The original car key is invalid and you need to relearn the new key to start the car.

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