Mini ACDP Clone MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ Via Boot Mode No Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module

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This post will share an easy and efficient method to clone MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ DME data by Yanhua Mini ACDP via boot mode replacing the traditional wiring and welding method.

A good interface board should be used- Mini ACDP MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ Interface Board Set.

3 reasons to get ACDP MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ Interface Board Set:

1.The new Mini ACDP integrated interface board replaces wiring and welding, which is simple and efficient;

2.Intelligent pin detection, data reading and writing are safe and reliable;
3.Reserve standard interfaces, which can be expanded and compatible with other devices.

Yanhua ACDP MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ Interface Board display:

Connection diagram:




MEV9.2/ MEV9.2.2

N46 (MEV9.2)

How to clone MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ DME data by Mini ACDP No Soldering?

All tools need:

ACDP key programmer + ACDP MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ Interface Board + ACDP BMW ECU Clone license+ the corresponding BMW DME module

Step-by-step guide:

1.After all the devices are connected correctly, run Mini ACDP APP

2.Select “BMW”-> “ECU Clone”-> “Exx”

3.Then select the corresponding DME module from the following items

N42 (MEV9.2 BOOT)

N45 (MEV9.2 BOOT)

N46 (MEV9.2 BOOT)

N52 (MSV70 BOOT)

N62 (MEV9.2 BOOT)

N62 (MEV9.2.2 BOOT)

N73 (MEV9.2.2 BOOT)

S65 (MSS60 BOOT)

4.Full backup data

5.Full write data

More details about Yanhua Mini ACDP MW MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+ DME Clone Interface Board Set:



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